You might that being A chef puts you at the highest risk of putting on , but you’d be wrong.

New research has found that working as a teacher or as an engineer puts you at greater risk of being overweight. The poll also found that being a factory worker or a scientist made you less likely to be .

The found that those who had put on weight had done so because of they were exposed to high levels of stress and spent long hours behind a desk.

They also cited readily available junk food as a reason for their unhealthy eating habits and a main cause for their expanding .

The survey also found that employees found controlling portions and counting calories especially challenging while at work. More than half of employees admitted to going out to eat at least once a week, and a quarter ate out three or more times a week. Just under 10 per cent reported eating lunch out of the vending machine at least once a week, while 70 per cent of workers said they snacked during the day.

Despite more than half of all workers feeling overweight, nearly 6 of 10 employees said they on a regular basis. Just under 50 per cent percent went to the at least three times a week. Around 30 per cent said they did exercise, but not regularly, and 11 per cent didn't exercise at all.