Meghan Markle has said the birth of her first child is going to be a surprise, but if the decorations at her lavish baby shower are any indication, she may be welcoming a little girl.

The 37-year-old royal's $300,000 baby shower took place in New York City this afternoon in The Mark hotel's incredible Grand Penthouse Suite, which costs a staggering $75,000 per night, making it the most expensive hotel room in the U.S.

Decorations for the exclusive fête, which is reportedly being co-hosted by Serena Williams and Amal Clooney, began arriving on Tuesday, and there was plenty of pink — from the blush-colored roses to the cotton candy machine that was brought into the hotel.
据报道,由赛琳娜威廉姆斯和阿玛尔克鲁尼共同主持的派对的装饰品于周二开始运抵,并且有大量的粉红色 - 从腮红色的玫瑰到送入酒店的棉花糖机器。

Dozens of light-pink long-stem roses from Upper East Side florist Lady Fleur NYC were carried into the venue on Tuesday, and those weren't the only floral arrangements of that color to be seen.
来自上东区花店Lady Fleur NYC的数十朵淡粉色玫瑰于周二被送入会场,并且还有更多相同颜色的花卉布置。

While this is typically a standard rule for members of the royal family to keep secret of the baby's gender, Queen Elizabeth II has not made it an official ban.

From shunning nude tights to sporting dark nail polish, Meghan is known to be a royal rule breaker, and it's possible that she knows the sex of her baby but is keeping mum.