Chinese visitors seeking to sample British tradition usually flock straight to our stately homes and royal palaces. But one unlikely stop-off has now joined the ranks of must-see locations for tourists from the Far East – a chippy just outside York.

Scotts fish and chip restaurant, on the A64 at Bilbrough, has become so popular with coachloads of Chinese tourists that it has translated its menu into Cantonese and Mandarin. It has even put its web page on China's blogging site Weibo.

Owner Tony Webster says he gets more than 100 Chinese visitors a week, who take a break from visiting York, Castle Howard and other historic sites to dine.

Asian pop star Jay Chou, who played Seth Rogen's sidekick Kato in The Green Hornet, held his wedding to Hannah Quinlivan at Selby's 1,000-year-old abbey in 2015.

'Chinese people love pop stars , so when their idolswas seen eating fish and chips, it was something they wanted to try for themselves. '

'It is a funny sight to behold, they come in and take pictures of the restaurant, pictures of themselves, pictures of their meal and then pictures of them eating their meal,' Mr Webster said. 'Most do not drink alcohol, however. They generally want hot water because they bring their own Chinese tea, and it's generally tea leaves rather than tea bags,' he added.

There can be problems, however. Yesterday a coach party of Chinese arrived unexpectedly and had to be turned away as the restaurant could not cater for them.