Toward the end of 2017, a lot of people felt run ragged by a chaotic year. The evidence was all over Twitter, where the “Me at the Beginning of 2017 vs Me at the End of 2017” meme showed off clever side-by-side images of popular public figures looking their best and worst.
马上就到2017年年末了,许多人都因这混乱的一年而筋疲力尽。推特上到处都是证据,大家纷纷把当红公众人物的最佳形象和最差形象精巧地摆在一起来表现“2017年初的我和 2017年末的我”。

It's 2018 now, though, and many are hoping it won’t just be 2017, Part Two. To that end, a new more uplifting meme is surging in China, and it's pretty much the opposite of Me vs Me.
虽然现在已经是2018年了,但许多人希望这不会是又一个2017年。为此,中国又涌现了一种新的且更令人振奋的表情包,而且它几乎是“我 vs 我”的反面。

Hello it is Friday and I am here with the latest Chinese meme: “karma's a bitch”.
嘿,今天是星期五,我在这儿分享一下中国最新的表情包:“Karma's a bitch”(出来混总是要还的)。

The “Karma's a Bitch” meme features mostly women, dressed extremely down, and then uttering the titular phrase, like a magic mantra, and then instantly transforming into a glammed-up version of themselves.
“Karma's a Bitch”的表情包以女性角色为主,她们穿着很随意,说着徒有虚名的话语,例如魔法咒语,然后变成迷人的样子。

This occurs right as the star of the video waves a towel in front of her- or himself–a technique that recalls some of the of the magician Zach King.

The line, “Karma's a Bitch” comes from a popular bit of dialogue uttered by Veronica onRiverdale.
“Karma's a Bitch”这个短语出自《河谷镇》中维罗妮卡的一句广受欢迎的对白。