Wooden toilet seats made in southwestern China's Guizhou province are apparently selling like hot cakes in the West.

Chinese toilet seat maker Topseat is now selling more than 2 million seats annually on the Western market with 80% of those sales occurring in Germany and Switzerland, reports state newspaper People's Daily, citing a public WeChat account in Guizhou.

On its website, Topseat calls itself the 'world leader in toilet seat design, production and perfection, recognized internationally for its top quality and innovation,'

It introduces itself by asking you to 'Imagine a toilet seat so artistic that it shows motion pictures when the lid automatically closes in slow motion.'

From its factory in Guizhou's Anshun city, the company creates its bright decorative toilet seats from locally-sourced materials such as bamboo, straw stalks and bio-glues, which they have used to create more than 5,000 unique designs.

Consumers can buy a range of covers from popular retail sites Alibaba and Amazon.

On the Amazon website the company's products generally receive high ratings and praise from satisfied customers. 'I have never spent this much for a toilet seat and this is well worth the price,' wrote one customer.

'Quietslow closing of lid and seat just as described. Wish we would have bought these sooner. Have had many compliments and where did you get that?' commented another.