The subway system in the US city of Boston will soon be equipped with train cars "Made in China," which will be shipped to the city in December.

The current train cars in Boston have been running for decades and are too old to provide a modern trip experience.

Made in northeastern China's Jilin Province, the new cars can run at a speed of 102 kilometers per hour.

Although designed according to the US standard, the producing method of the cars is owned by a Chinese company named CRRC, the China Railway Rolling Stock Corporation.

The final products match the Boston subway's strict maximum weight requirement of 34 tons per car, which barred a lot of world-famous companies from getting the order form.

"The cars have to be solid, but light-weight at the same time," technology manager of the project Hong Haifeng told CCTV's Mandarin news channel. "And they have to be compatible with the century-old facilities in Boston."

This is the first time for Chinese rail equipment to be used in the United States. The new cars are designed to run for 30 years.

CRRC showcased the model car in Boston on April 3. CCTV reported that the model was praised by the local leaders and citizens, including the governor of Massachusetts Charlie Baker.

"We're really looking forward to putting these in transit," he said, adding that the upgrades will bring the Boston subway into the modern era.