Fried chicken fans, rejoice – you’ll soon be able toyour fast food obsession via your smartphone.

KFC have announced plans to release a new smartphone, complete with that iconic red shade and Colonel Sanders logo.

The chicken-lover’s dream piece of tech is a collaboration with Chinese manufacturer Huawei, with both the chicken chain’s logo and Huawei’s logo adorning the bright red casing of the limited edition Huawei 7 Plus.
这款炸鸡爱好者梦寐以求的科技产品,是和中国生产商华为合作推出的,在这款限量版的华为 7 Plus的亮红色机身上,同时装饰有这家炸鸡连锁店的Logo和华为的Logo。

It comes pre-loaded with KFC’s K-music app, which lets you choose the songs you want to hear in the KFC store of your choice.

Bad news, though, the phone is currently only available in China. It’s set for release in July 13th via China’s Amazon equivalent, Tmall.

There’s also a fingerprint scanner, but good luck using that when you’ve got greasy fried chicken hands.