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    • 《Going To Hell》正式版 MV

      沪江英乐:The Pretty Reckless 《Going To Hell》MV终于出炉啦!这个性感又邪恶的尤物,我们怎能不爱?性感尤物 Taylor Momsen 逃出牢笼,挣脱欲望的束缚!强大的吉他失真,音浪席卷而来,尽享极致欢愉的黑夜。 【The Pretty Reckless《Going To Hell》正式版MV】 歌词: Father did you miss me Been locked up a while I got caught from what I did but took it all in style Later ask for my [w

    • will和be going to的选用原则

      天上的云。快going to”。   “Kate is in hospital.” “Yes, I know. I am going下雨了。   My God! We are going to crash. 天哪!我们快撞车了。   在没有迹象表明的情况下进行的猜测用“will,be going to”皆可。   I think the weather will be nice.   I think the weather is going to be nice. 我想天会晴朗。   Do you think the car will start?   Do you think the car is going to start? 你想车能发动起来吗?   当动词表示内心活动时,表示猜测的句子必须用“will”   I think she will like the cake I made for her. 我想她会喜欢我为她做的蛋糕。



    • was going to, was thinking of 和 was wondering的区别


    • 一般将来时 | will与be going to 的区别

      句中,一般不用 be going to, 而多用will, 如: If any beasts comes at you, I'll stay with you and help you 注意 be going to和will在含义和用法上稍有不同。be going to往往表示事先经过考虑的打算;will多表示意愿,决心。两者有时不能互换。如: She is studying hard and is going to try for the exams.她正努力学习并尝试参加考试。(is going to不能用will替换) 一般将来时表示将来某一时刻的动作或状态,其表达形式除了“shall(第一人称),will(第二、三人称)+动词原形构成”外,还有以下几种形式。 1、“be going to+动词原形”表示即将发生的或打算进行的事。 例如: ①It is going to rain. 要下雨了。 ②We are going to have a meeting today. 今天我们开会。 2、go, come,start,move,sail,leave,arrive,stay,live,fly,等可用进行时态表示按计划即将发生的动作(行进式动词)。 例如:I'm leaving for Beijing. 3、“be to+动词原形”表示按计划要发生的事或征求对方意见。 例如: ①Are we to go on with this work?我们继续干吗? ②The boy is to go to school tomorrow.这个男孩明天要去上学。 4、“be about to+动词原形”表示即将发生的动作,意为:立刻,马上。后面一般不跟时间状语。 例如: We are about to leave.我们马上就走。 5、某些词,如come, go, leave, arrive, start, get, stay ,live,fly等的一般现在时也可表示将来。 ①The meeting starts at five o'clock.会议五点开始。 ②He gets off at the next stop.他下一站下车。 怎么样,看完了小编给大家准备的语法知识,有没有感觉收获颇多呢?喜欢就收藏起来吧~



    • Reba McEntire 新单《Going Out Like That》

      沪江英乐:60岁的美国老牌乡村天后 Reba McEntire 最新单曲《Going Out Like That》!无论是什么年龄女人依旧可以唱出刚柔并存帅气无比的励志旋律,瑞芭在MV中的一个眼神和动作仿佛给人强大的力量。 【Reba McEntire 新单《Going Out Like That》】 歌词: It's been awhile since she put that red dress on And slip into those high heels She's got a couple of guys blowing up her phone And she loves

    • be going to/will

      11.5 be going to / will 用于条件句时, be going to 表将来         will 表意愿   If you are going to make a journey, you'd better get ready for it as soon as possible.   Now if you will take off your clothes, we will fit the new clothes on you in front of the mirror.

    • Reba McEntire 最新单曲《Going Out Like That》

      沪江英乐:60岁的美国老牌乡村天后 Reba McEntire 最新单曲《Going Out Like That》!瑞芭在MV中的一个眼神和动作仿佛给人强大的力量,作为乡村音乐中最成功最受欢迎的女歌星这首新单依旧属于她的独有风格。 【Reba McEntire 最新单曲《Going Out Like That》】 歌词: It's been awhile since she put that red dress on And slip into those high heels She's got a couple of guys blowing up her phone And she

    • 知识点:英语一般将来时态be going to 结构

      going to +动词原形和will+动词原形。本文就be going to +动词原形展开,整理了be going如我有足够的钱,我准备出国旅行一次。[/cn] [en]I'm going to be twenty next Tuesday.[/en] [cn]下周二我将20岁了。[/cn] [en]As soon as I can,I'm going to change jobs.[/en] [cn]一旦有可能,我就准备换一下工作。[/cn] 2.be going to的否定句句型:主语 + am/is/are + not + going to + 动词原形... [en]He's not going to be a lawyer.[/en] [cn]他不打算当律师。[/cn] 3.be going to的一般疑问句



    • 掌握英语:一般将来时态be going to 和will的区别

      句中,一般不用 be going to, 而多用will, 如: If any beasts comes at you, I'll stay with you and help you. 5.be going to和will在含义和用法上稍有不同。be going to往往表示事先经过考虑的打算;will多表示意愿,决心。两者有时不能互换。如: She is studying hard and is going to try for the exams. 她正努力学习并尝试参加考试。(is going to不能用will替换) (1))They_________ (write) letters the whole morning. They didn't have a rest. (2



    • 语法讲解:一般过去将来时表was/were+going+to+动词原形

      一般过去将来时是英语考试中常考的一个语法点,它表示过去将来时常用于宾语从句和间接引语中。 一般过去将来时的出发点是过去,即从过去某一时刻看以后要发生的动作或状态。 那么,今天就跟着小编来学习下一般过去将来时表was/were+going+to+动词原形的情况。 一般过去将来时中was/were+going+to+动词原形有两种含义:一是表示按照计划或安排即将发生的事情,二是表示根据当时情况所作的判断。 具体的用法结合句子来理解,先来看例句; 表示按照计划或安排即将发生的事情 1.I was going to tell you everything yesterday. 我昨天本想告诉你所有事